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your network to find buyers and suppliers

Important Notice::

The Matchmaking365-Community was deactivated on 24.02.2017.

Effective immediately, ambista is now your means of direct access to relevant products, contacts, competencies, and events for the entire interior design industry.

What’s new?

The Matchmaking365-Community has been expanded into ambista, the new network of the interior design industry. As a global business network, ambista offers you the possibility of focused and professional networking with potential business partners in the interior design industry.

The ambista advantage

With your digital presence on ambista, you’ll have greater reach for your business and stay up-to-date. Profit from the experience of other market players and expand your network in a targeted way!

Present your business and your products and services in the business community. Find new, attractive contacts, global and local. Strengthen your business with new leads. With ambista, you’ll find what you’re looking for more quickly, so that your business will continue to grow.