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Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help. You can contact us as follows:

E-mail: support.community@matchmaking365.com

The Koelnmesse Matchmaking365 Team is at your service from 9 am to 5 pm (MEZ). We are waiting for your call.

Phone: +49 221 821-2226


What is Matchmaking365?

The exclusive Matchmaking365 is a service provided by Koelnmesse that matches qualified enquiries with suitable offerings on a closed platform.
Exhibitors and trade visitors of a trade fair are given access to profiles and enquiries posted on the platform. To participate, they have to register once and provide a short profile that may be enhanced.

What is the advantage of Matchmaking365?

Matchmaking365 is a service that is aimed equally at exhibitors and visitors.
It supports an efficient fair planning and wrap-up, saves time and allows numerous new relevant business contacts - online as well as at the fairground.
Visitors can reach a large number of exhibitors with a single inquiry.
In turn, exhibitors can provide individual and tailor-made responses to specified requirements from customers and generate leads.
Following this initial online contact, visitors and exhibitors often arrange a meeting at the actual trade fair. This includes many who may not have come across each other without the Matchmaking service – simply because they did not know about each other.

How does Matchmaking365 work?

For exhibitors:

You just need to register once as a user with Matchmaking365. As an accredited exhibitor all necessary information and your personal login data for the secure area for the Matchmaking365 launch will be automatically emailed to you a few weeks before the respective trade fair. We will send the login data to the e-mail address you specified on the Matchmaking form with your registration for the trade fair.

Once you have successfully registered, we will show you the most current inquiries in your account when you log on for the first time. From now on you decide which inquiries interest you:
  • by selection of various filter tools
  • by a full-text search in which you can look for specific words, similar to a search engine
The results of your search are displayed. You can then take the time to read the inquiries from the trade fair visitors and decide whether and how you would like to respond. You can respond to the inquirer immediately or save the query in your account first.

You respond to each inquiry individually via the online questionnaire. The inquirer then receives the response via email and can contact you. So your communication remains private.

For inquirers:

You only need to submit your inquiry once to reach all exhibitors automatically.
You can find the Matchmaking365 inquiry form on the trade fair web pages. In your inquiry you simply describe what you are looking for. You should specify further details to narrow down your inquiry and provide the exhibitors with more information: the more specific the inquiry the more precisely the exhibitors' responses will be. After your inquiry has been submitted, you will quickly receive responses and contacts from qualified exhibitors.

For trade visitors:

As a registered and entitled trade visitor, you can register with your own user profile on the Matchmaking365 platform and search for products or other members and contact individual members.
You will receive your access link a few weeks before the fair automatically sent by e-mail.

Can Matchmaking365 only be used during the trade fair?

No. As the name suggests, it is operational throughout the entire year.

Does Matchmaking365 cost anything?

This service is free of charge for inquirers and entitled trade visitors.
Exhibitors are automatically given access when they register for the trade fair.

Is my data safe?

We take protection of personal data provided by the users very seriously. We collect, process and use your personal data exclusively for the Matchmaking365-Community. Your data will not be passed to third parties without your express consent.

Who is behind Matchmaking365?

Matchmaking365 is a B2B product from Koelnmesse GmbH. With some 70 international trade fairs Koelnmesse is one of the world’s largest organisers of trade fairs – the No. 1 trade fair location for over 25 industry sectors. It has been successfully bringing together supply and demand for over 75 years. And you too can benefit from that expertise 365 days a year.

For further information see: www.koelnmesse.de

What are the technical requirements for making optimum use of Matchmaking365?

Internet browser
Our recommendation is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above or Firefox version 34 or above.
Other browser types do work, but please check the settings for compatibility with Internet Explorer or Firefox.

The Matchmaking365 application stores a "cookie" on your computer to maintain a session.
For the optimum use, you should enable cookies in your browser for these web pages, otherwise error messages may occur.

We recommend using the website on a desktop computer or a laptop. The display of the website is not optimized for mobile devices.