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Mr Florian Müller
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posted on 22.08.2018

Clean eating ambassadors: Moms recommend a healthy and clean lifestyle

You may wonder how food trends like slow food or clean eating are even possible for families, as living with kids is never ever slow or clean. Actually, these trends are only a description for a conscious and healthy diet with lots of fresh – if possible organic – ingredients. Every family eats differently and some parents have less time or energy to be at the own fireside every day. Even then, it is manageable to establish a healthy eating culture without bending and breaking! Mom blogs recommend small tricks and trends to develop a more conscious approach to food and, thus bring more joy on the dining table.

Clean Eating starts with the purchase

Children want to decide and do everything on their own. You can meet these needs when it comes to nutrition. The easiest way: Do your weekly groceries together. Your children will learn from an early age where the food comes from and what ingredients are contained in the meals. When you stroll through rows of the supermarket, take a good look at the ingredients lists. If it contains strange words, these are usually unnatural additives. Hands off! And forget sugar: It is simply unnecessary as there are so many alternatives on the market that are more natural and healthier.

The most important tip from mom blogs for clean eating and a happy life: No rigid rules! Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free – as long as you have lots of fresh food at home, you don't have to follow a dietary philosophy. Just enjoy good food with your family!

Fast as lightning and super healthy: Recommendations for clean eating recipes

Homemade lemonade, overnight oats, lentil bolognese, banana pancakes with vegan ice cream: Life is colorful and so is food! But with all the colored variety, children do not like everything that is served. Additionally, the fathers may not be convinced of the new eating culture either. The easiest way: Start small and add more and more healthy ingredients. And the best is that you do not have to live without pizza or french fries. Just use whole grain for the dough or bake sweet potatoes in the oven.

Most importantly, don't stress yourself as big changes need time. As long as everyone is happy and there is no family dispute about it, you are on the right track. And sooner or later everyone will eat happily healthy.